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Investor Information

This is one of services that stock exchanges all over the world provide. The trick is to buy stocks at some time during market hours and sell before the market ends. This is especially beneficial in positive markets if huge volumes are traded because the higher the volume, more are the chances of booking profit. However, in a declining market, this can backfire and make the client lose money if the price is un-favorable. Stop losses need seriously be taken into account in order to make sure that you lose only what you can afford to lose.

Delivery Based Investments

Delivery based investments are by far the most lucrative and profitable investments. The client buys a stock and keeps it in the hope that it will be favorable in the coming days, weeks, months and even years. Any stock that is bought and paid for at the end of a day’s market is considered to be in delivery. These stocks are usually kept in the hope of good payouts and higher rates following the time frame that it is kept for.

Dawood Mohammed Securities (SMC-Private) Limited team is committed to providing its clients with a range of financial services pertaining to the stocks industry while also helping to educate them about risk management strategies.

What we Offer

We provide Stock Market solution to our clients in terms of buying and selling shares on their behalf. We keep ourselves well informed on the affairs of the other listed companies. The company aims to develop and maintain a high standard of integrity, efficiency and professionalism in all its conducts and dealings. The range of core financial services offered by the company includes:

A major segment of the business is generated by local institutions and foreign clients.

Efficient settlements of all transactions are ensured by fully computerized error free system.